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We Serve

Lionsclub Den Haag Universal

Club   Bestuur 2016-2017  
Opgericht 15-05-2000 President Gretie Rolf von den Baumen
Charternight 07-10-2000 Oud president

Johnny Butu

Sponsorclub Den Haag Vice president Jaimy Lieuw-A-Len
  Hofstad Secretaris Raphael Vendeville




Jan-Pieter Goossens




Lions Clubs Nederland



Lions Club Den Haag Universal brings together men & women of different nationalities, cultural & intellectual backgrounds. They are professionals in their field who celebrate diversity as a means to enrich their life and work instead of reducing the universe to a narrow perspective.

Most of our members were born outside The Netherlands, although some have Dutch nationality. All are engaged in international and transcultural matters in their work and private life. We cherish diversity as a means for professional & personal growth, as a basis for understanding and as a chance for creating something new.


The mission of this Lions Club is in line with the mission of the Lions all over the world: we serve the community, for example by supporting social and educational activities. The members of the club operate together in working on a project or finding donations and expertise to finance and run a project.

Reflecting the diversity of our club we support:
- Dutch based projects.
- Projects in a foreign country.

We ourselves choose a project which suits our thoughts best, mainly based on presentations given by foundations we invite to our dinner meetings.

* The Dutch projects
Concerning national projects we mainly support local initiatives by means of material and immaterial services. To name a few: fundraising for Mamma Rosa (a Dutch foundation which supports women from various cultures who have breast cancer but are limited to look for help because of the language barrier), immaterial services to NEBO (a nursing home in The Hague where we take elderly people for a walk) and fundraising for Stichting SAM (a foundation which helps children with Down Syndrome by means of dolphine therapy). Other projects were: helping mental health care organisation Parnassia by initiating to set up and provide equipment for the Foundation's "Dorestad" care center. We also purchased and planted some 700 rose trees for the garden of the new care center.

* International projects
For a few years in a row we supported the Bundung Vocational Training Center in Gambia by raising funds for the procurement of their computers, writing material and other support issues. Also for a few years in a row we supported an orphanage in Slovakia by raising funds for the construction of a new garden with playing facilities and the extension of the actual orphanage building. Other projects were helping homeless children and adults in Guatemala via Dutch friends and supporting a hotel in Peru lead by Dutch who also took care of unemployed people.


Membership is by invitation only.
For more information please contact our secretary:
Raphael Vendeville

Structure International Association of Lions Clubs

Each Lions club is a self-supporting part of the International Association of Lions Clubs.
The Lions organization was founded in 1917 by Melvin Jones in the United States of America.
At present it has about 1.5 million members in about 190 countries.
In 1951 the first Lions clubs were founded in the Netherlands.
The Netherlands are divided into 6 districts together forming the Multiple District 110 with about 380 clubs and 11.500 members.
All Lions Clubs are connected by their international mission: to enhance mutual understanding and peace between peoples and to serve the general purpose under the motto: We Serve. Activities are based on mutual friendship, personal dedication and professional effort.